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Volunteer - Sign ups

WE are asking that ALL Teams pitch in and help out with game day activities. This includes snack bar, field prep, announcers, time keepers, chain gang and more.

What will this look like?

Each team is responsable for field prep, announcing, time clock management and chain gang at the time of your game. Snack bar will be assigned to each team at a time that is not during your game. 

How will you know what times are yours?

5CYFL will assign times and blocks to you. Your team parent will receive these times and it is their job to communicate with the team. You are also able to go to Sign-up Genius to sign up for Volunteer.

Will I miss my player's game?

NO. Times and shifts assigned will be different than your players scheduled games. It may be before or after or on a different day.

Do we have to work the entire shift?

YES. Your team is responsible for the entire shift. How you chose to break that up is up to you. 

I can't make my team's scheduled shift. Can I sign up for another time?

YES. If there is an open slot on another day/time, go ahead and sign-up! We'll coordinate with the assigned team to get you in.