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All 11 year olds

All 12 year olds

Players age 13 under 101 lbs may chose to play in either the Senior Division or Intermediate Division

If 13 year old plays down in Intermediate they will be restricted

yellow striped regardless of weight

11 and 12 year old Players 140 lbs and above are restricted

Mandatory Play Rules

All eligible players will play a minimum of twelve (12) action plays per game. This may be on offense, defense, special teams, or a combination of the three. A no-rush PAT is not an action play and will not count on the audit sheet. 

  1. An action play is defined as any play in which the ball is legally in play as defined by Rule 4, Section 1 of the NFHS Football rules. 
  2. Special Teams are: 
    1. Kick off. 
    2. Kick off receiving.  
    3. Punt 
    4. Punt receiving 
    5. Field goal 
    6. PAT 
  3. Players may play both ways on special teams, however they may not violate any other rules. 
  4. Head coaches may discipline players by not allowing them to play. The player(s) will play twelve (12) plays or miss the game entirely. NO EXCEPTIONS. Player(s) must be declared before the start of the game. 
  5. Failure to abide by the above rules may result in an automatic forfeiture of that game. A second violation will result in the dismissal of that coach.