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2024 Five Cities Youth Football League Board

Five Cities Youth Football League holds monthly board meetings on the second Wednseday of the month. Locations and times will very but are posted on the calendars page.  Active members in good standing of 5CYFL are welcome to attend board meetings. Please contact the board Secretary to confirm the meeting time and location.

Our league is only as good as our volunteers!

Board positions are open to all "Regular Members," defined as "legal guardian of a child playing in the FCYFL or an Adult Volunteer." A Regular Member will have the right to attend the annual meeting for election of Board Officers and Directors or any other meeting. Membership shall be considered in good standing when financial obligation is met and in force as long as the child/player (when applicable) maintains eligibility. 

The Board Election Meeting for the 2023-24 Season was held December 6, 2023 at Grover Beach Community Center 7PM. 

2024 5CYFL Board

Lori Wolfe


Alexi Mokuahi-Reyes Mokuahi-Reyes


Vince Pierucci


Breana Stachura

Team Coordinator

Krissy Hawk

Fundraising Coordinator

Sara Carney

Concession Coordinator

Mary Philipps


Jesus Guitierrez

Vice President

Mary Philipps


Matt Collins

Sgt At Arms

Vince Pierucci

Player Safety Coach

Jason Dupuis Colleen Elliott

Equipment Manager

Vince Pierucci

Field Safety Coordinator

Nate Egan, Paul Terek Jesus Guitierrez, Matt Valez

Coaching Committee

Cherri Bohard

Cheer Director

MonDrick Thompson

Athletic Director

Barney Foster

Matt Collins

Game Commissioner

Alexis Mokuahi-Reyes

BBQ Chairperson

Scott Hunter

Publicity Director

Amy Madden

Insurance Director