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The  Board


President - Shannon Montesinos

Vice President - Rosie Smith

Secretary - Mary Philipps

Treasurer - Lori Wolfe

Athletic Director - Mondrick Thompson

Equipment - Colleen Elliot

Coaches Committee Chair

Barney Foster

Coaches Committee Members 

Barney Foster

Mondrick Thompson

Steve Stucky

Jesus Gutierrez

Clyde Smith

Alexis Mokuahi-Reyes

Sergeant at Arms - Ashley Gaines


Cheer Coordinator - Cherri Bohard

Asst. Cheer Committee - Melinda Collins

Fundraising / Fan Gear- Krissy Hawk

Team Parent Coordinator - 

Publicity/Social Media - Scott Hunter

Player Safety - Vince Pierucci

Insurance Director Field Safety - Alexis Mokuahi-Reyes

GFC - Matt Collins

Concessions - Cherri Bohard / Sara Carney


#1 Shannon Montesinos

Alternate: Lori Wolfe

#2 Jesus Gutierrez



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