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2023 Bantam Superbowl Champions!

All 7 year olds

All 8 year olds

Players age 9 and under 66 lbs. may chose to play either the Bantam Division or Junior Division (subject to change)

Players 90lbs and above are restricted (subject to change)

Bantam Division Rules

 All Junior division rules apply to the Bantam division.  

  1. One coach is allowed on the field, with their team, on offense or defense. Coaches are allowed to direct and line up their players before the snap of the ball. Coaches must be silent and be ten (10) yards behind the nearest team player, at the snap of the ball. Violation: 5-yard penalty  
  2. Nose guards are not allowed. Defensive guards must line up head up, on the offensive guards. Defensive guards can line up in the center guard gaps or on the goal line defense (inside the 10-yard line) and on the third or fourth down and 2 yards or less to go for a first down. Penalty: Illegal formation, 5-yard penalty.
  3. Kick-offs will begin from the 45-yard line of the kicking team.
  4. A No-rush punt is allowed under these conditions (ONLY FOR BANTAMS)  
    1. Must be declared prior to the play.  
    2. Ball must be long snapped a minimum of three (3) yards.
    3. Kicker may field the ball and then punt if ball is dropped or fumbled.  
    4. Punt fakes are not allowed after a no-rush punt has been declared.   27 Revised May 2023
    5. Offense may not pass the line of scrimmage until the punt is off. Defense can have a maximum of two (2) players receive the punt. All others must remain on the line of scrimmage until the punt. 

Mandatory Play Rules

All eligible players will play a minimum of twelve (12) action plays per game. This may be on offense, defense, special teams, or a combination of the three. A no-rush PAT is not an action play and will not count on the audit sheet. 

  1. An action play is defined as any play in which the ball is legally in play as defined by Rule 4, Section 1 of the NFHS Football rules. 
  2. Special Teams are: 
    1. Kick off. 
    2. Kick off receiving.  
    3. Punt 
    4. Punt receiving 
    5. Field goal 
    6. PAT 
  3. Players may play both ways on special teams, however they may not violate any other rules. 
  4. Head coaches may discipline players by not allowing them to play. The player(s) will play twelve (12) plays or miss the game entirely. NO EXCEPTIONS. Player(s) must be declared before the start of the game. 
  5. Failure to abide by the above rules may result in an automatic forfeiture of that game. A second violation will result in the dismissal of that coach.